Thursday, September 4, 2014

180SX2X Project - Shelved!

The two machines are pretty close to completion.

Every day they stare at me.... Finish me...!  those demons are back.

But details take time. Most of which you never see. Custom dashes are in. I use the Yokomo wipers to push through the dash also. Easy mounting.

Or do you? The red car gets a 1/2 cage, rear shelf, pop up lights. Linkage works but needs review.
Ive since added the light pattern selector button and installed the dashes.

Metallic red behind the Kazama rims +7. Our alternate MST RID +11 rims are also red backed.See top image.

For now they are good enough to display on the shelf while they await body door lines and a little more re-inforcement for twisting.

After debut which should be next weekend.

My focus will return to the top shelf  Drift Package 3.4CS project. very close now.

alternate wheel set.


These rims work very well to add that finishing touch.


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