Saturday, September 20, 2014

GCRC Long Session + Bunny

Yep, a Bunny Double today at GCRC

LOW... Yes indeed!

While I could have mounted the 86 higher, I like it like this.

On track they looked just as awesome as they do in station.

The180 sits on FR-D while the 86 sits on DRb.

Daytime wheel setup is black all the way.

There's probably close to $700 invested in these two shells. Like any drift car, they slowly degrade so you have to get your money's worth.

I also had the 180 on hand for some double trouble.

Similar, but very very different.

The 5.0 wasn't behaving itself today. Tyres being the main culprit.

These older toplines may have had their day.

Anyway... still some good battles were had.

Not everyone is JDM mad.

A nice mustang is always a good battle machine. I just imagine it has an RB26DeTT engine swap.

Soon I couldn't see the black rims so I changed to my new , but newly destroyed MST Rims. 

Battle partners were everywhere. 8 hour drift session for me.

I was tuning a new ESC on my OLDEST and BESTEST DRB. Even though this machine is only CS 2.2, it is amazingly easy to drive and offers battle ready performance.

I'm currently developing my own "Samurai" chassis plate / deck and tower set for my DRBs, so I'm using this one as the test bed,

Today was about getting a benchmark so I can analyze the impact of future development. 

Stay tuned.

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