Saturday, September 6, 2014

GCRC S A T Test.

Today was a training day for many of us. Saturday Test and Tune.

I started the day battling with Rear Wheel Drive. FR-D and FXX both hooking in.

I was also using my Marked rims to check wheel speed. After that I loaned them out for others to try. MRS wearing them in this shot.

 Thanks to many people who used my camera today. Love some of these shots.

ready for the switch.

M3 Madness. Sleeping bag, some wood and a ladder. All you need.

Keeps the cookie monster happy.

Many cars on track. This TT-02 hooking in.

Regular readers will remember I sold the 275 Mark X body a while back and now sits on R3RML.

Today I was assisting with driving technique as the chassis handles very well. A lot better than my DIB 275 ever did.

 The FD of Death was leading for a change.

Trying to set a line is something I need practice with also.

Allowing others to attack brings the cool also.

All on track were getting stuck in.

Sometimes, you find yourself in a sandwich, 

But it all works out.

After a few batteries (my new Venom 3800 are working well.)

It was time to rest my eyes. When running black on black, it's tough. These MST rims have some markings on them, but they are a daytime wheel for sure.

So as night fell and the lights came on.

 I installed my new set of MST Rids.

It took all of 3 laps for them to get hammered by close contact.

But the battles were intense.

Enter the BOSS.

Boss, Staff and Sponsored. All in tow.

As you can see there's a lot of close action these days. 

There are definitely errors, but the stylish slides outnumber the crap cornering.

Out of a slow corner... we head for the walls.

This 50:50 Subaru actually slides like a real WRX. ie without much wheel angle.

 But I love this shot. Rally Style over the curbs.

So head down to GCRC and take us on. We are always ready for battle.

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  1. Nice to see a TT02 going sideways. Must start building mine...


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