Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Aryn's Mistress... "Bianca"

When you spend nearly 2 months staring at catalogs, ordering and accumulating the components necessary to build an top shelf modern spec drift chassis, you can't help falling in love with it.

Her name is Bianca.

Arun's Hikotech Bianca is one of the new breed of RC Rear Drive Weight shift drift chassis.

All the weight where it should be. Just forward of the rear bulkhead, for a heap of traction and plenty of flexibilty for battery location.

The owner has chosen Sanwa Super Vortex-D ESC with inbuilt receiver and Accuvance Luxon BS Dual motor. All totally controllable from the Sanwa M12. The Gyro is notably not Sanwa however, preferring the feel of the MST V2 instead.

Spur cover is always a personal finishing touch. Tail Slider getting the honors. 

The Bianca chassis is a conversion for the Yokomo Drift Package, however this chassis was sourced from all new components. RC926 Drift Package towers add impact, complemented by Overdose suspension mounts and shock absorbers.

the Hikotech slide rack has a beautifully smooth feel and it matches well with Wrap up Next Suspension arms Both Upper and Lower

MST knuckles give all the lock you will ever need.

narrow Y arms give you plenty of space for componentry

Rear WUN arms also designed for traction and less geometry change.

Chassis plate has plenty of ajustability

Overdose shocks with OD shock oil provide a different feel to most other shocks out there.

KN Kinkaku is the main company behind the RC926 brand. An interesting use of the adjustable body mount looks good here. 

With the long battery currently mounted longitudinally in the chassis for now, performance is great straight of the setup bench.

More to come.


  1. WHOA! Great example from down under, this is getting me exited to finish mine!

  2. these bianca's always look so damn good!


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