Thursday, July 16, 2015

RC-ART and Speed Way Pal

Speed Way Pal and RC-Art are some of the smaller manufacturers of Japanese RC parts. But what they do make is quality.

These are some of the first wheels made for RC drift. And the fact that Speed Way Pal still make them means they are on a winner. I have a gun metal set, But I wanted a gold set for a new project.

Derive RT01-SH are a control tyre for Countersteer at GCRC, So these rounded Derive RT-02-SH offer an option for CS or Rear Wheel Drift Front tyres.

I'm currently using HDPE similar compound on the front of my RWD so these should suit perfectly.

My RT-01s also will test as a combo for CS,

Narrow Scrub, KPI and rounded front tyre. Worth a try, so many options these days, I'm back into the experimentation zone.

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