Thursday, July 9, 2015

RE-Xtreme Mini SA22C

So I have a little progress on the Mini-SA.

 Side profile is NORMAL. cool. Wheels are a little large. But this is 1/12th scale in length.

But it's now 1/10th scale width. resulting in a very very square machine. 

Get towards the top angle and things take a different shape.  You can see the width I'm building into it.
Two bodies cut to become one.

I have a cool wing with some higher mounts and I have some 4 beam lights that will replace the stock ones.  

I'm not happy with the front so I think it will also receive a long splitter.

CS 3.4 on the RF Concept Drift Package with narrow suspension arms I can still run a rather wide rim.

I think it will still work on the mini chassis. The only issue will be getting it low enough. 

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