Sunday, July 26, 2015

Seven's Day @ GCRC : Part#3 Twin Drift

GCRC Battles are better and better.

 In this year we have been running the twin drift competitions the standards are way up there.

First up the Blue Copper.

 Chuck it in!

I will give a special mention to these two. 

Consistent and On line. 

In the three lap Twin Drift comp with the best lap judged by popular vote, It's a subjective formula as is any drift judging.  Judging for consistency, these guys are on the top of their game.

Now if you want to make it difficult, you can mix your settings. Something I like to do too.  

These two guys are running High CS and RWD. so there's a challenge in itself to match.  You can see their angle is a little different. but both are cool. If you can pull it off in a comp, bonus points are there.

Front runner here runs a smooth line... absolutely necessary and the chaser makes the lead guy look even better. 

These two called themselves "no hope"

A couple of the new comers to GCRC but picking up the fun very quickly.

 Enjoying it!

MEAN and Battle Ready!

I introduced these two as battle partners today. 

Youth  < ---- & ---- > experience  Putting on a good show for a surprise 2nd place.

Two pretty machines in tandem mode.

We run the tandem comp to promote "drifting side by side together" rather than trying to be the fastest or the most aggressive. 

It results in people running tandem constantly even when they are practicing. 

Only small mistakes opening up the proximity... Rock on!

Light is magical sometimes. When black becomes white. 

Can't wait until these two are constant door to door 

Enter the current title holders...

I have to judge my popular vote on through the camera lens. 

If I don't have to use peripheral vision, I know it's good.

Just ultra-minor taps and line changes the only flaws.  Check the videos to come.

Definitely on the money.

 This is High CS action at it's best. Definitely the pair to beat at this point.

Today I chose a new pairing for fun and to shake up the mix. Ben and I rocking 6 rotors between us. 

Reminders of Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift. transplanted Mustang Vs JDM monster. 

We almost pulled it off, I was able to get the nose of the seven under the rear bumper of the stang on a few occasions. 

It was good, but that minor mistake costs you dearly. 


1st : Smurfs : Jade and Nick : 77 points   Almost a clean sweep of the 1st place vote.
2nd : No Gap : Ridwan and Daniel 15 points
3rd : Strangers : Russ and Ben 14 points
4th : Upper Cuts : Charlie and Jack 13 points

Very close for the minors.

Enjoyable battles in the KDF scene.  Love it!

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