Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Hyper Lemon was out to play... Anyone up for the battle challenge? The answer at GCRC is always... YES.

Hyper Lemon... Experience the squeeze!

I don't regret selling this body. Because every time I see it again, it gives me that rush, like it's just finished.

Still looks stunning slashing past. I have to be careful not to look too closely when I'm chasing though.

Overdose Chaser also in the hunt.

Quickly settling into a rhythm.

Gaps of less than a car width are about the norm. Constantly tight, all night.

RE-Xtreme has been feeling the evolution in RC recently, with rear wheel drive options really exhibiting some dynamic changes of late, the look and feel for my own chassis is getting towards the similar look and constant angle of the mid to high cs cars.

180sx FR-D and  Drift Master derived Weight Shift chassis  were working well.

I'm trying hard not to loose the style I enjoy with CS also. 

Seven's month not over yet!

Battle hungry.

Chase Down! Hachi V S13.

Chasing the CS cars with gaps this close requires some major concentration. 180sx is just stopping my loose rear fender from flapping around.

A few great laps with the Hyper Lemon too.

I love this shot of the 86! Showing off the exact style I want!  Powering through. When I'm off throttle, the splitter is on the ground. Such is the way the chassis behaves utilising the long suspension stroke.

Thanks to my photographer... keen to get that shot.

And this is one of them.

All that's missing is mountains of tyre smoke. But at GCRC, it's always a wet track look.

 Handbrake on! Out to the wall!

So as the second half of 2015 is underway, I am wanting to see how far I can push this chassis especially.  

It's definitely got a load of potential.

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