Thursday, July 16, 2015

Chassis RWD Project and NO Scrub Rebuilds

My Drift Master is a mix of components these days, but I still wanted it to keep as much of the "Ultimate Yokomo Drift Package" as possible.  Weight Shift Roll Chassis... The Drift Master!

I know there are a lot of other components out there that offer (honestly too much) adjust-ability.  So when you are offered a simple stylish option. I rate that pretty highly too.

I selected these non Yokomo items for my drift master though. I needed some flexibility in the mounting solution.

As you can see here, I am not running shock towers so the "PRO" 2wd conversion was not required.

I need a small carbon support (that I will steal from another chasssis) to complete my front end and keep the upper arms in place.

Then I just need to set the droop properly and I'm done. 

Final front end configuration.

Top support stolen from my custom DRB.

Rear is LOOOOOONG Stroke.

Custom alloy centre battery holder. soon to be made in carbon.

rear ESC and Servo layout.

This next selection for my DRB will eliminate some older components and also bring my CS car up to modern specs with realistic low scrub also.

Some de-anodizing to do here.


  1. I simply love how you settled on a long stroke rear damper set-up, something I've seen HIKOtech members do.

  2. Long stroke from the d-like hybrid and hikotech styles are effective and inspire. RWD has soo many R&D styles right now. It's like a whole bunch of experienced guys with a blank canvas. You can see the FR-D being changed for performance rather than just for a scale layout.

  3. How can I replicate your rear shocks?


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