Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Light makes Sunday Right

I love these shots where the cars melt into the backlight.

Bright back light. Bright Headlights... "I'm coming through!"

 Always be on the lookout for this machine! No quarter given!

Ol school body, primary school driver.

Slide on through.

Out side paint reacts differently to reverse paint.

This is called "Getting an upper cut from your son!"

Waiting for the next challenger.

Hitting the apex.

Hurry Up ... Squeeze it!

Flat Light.

We go right by going left.

and go left by going right.

Battle Vixens Activate.

90 degree entry right in front of Hulk Hogan!

Always lots of onlookers at GCRC.

 And recently a full track with endless battles.

until that moment it all goes wrong.

Squeeze the trigger at GCRC!

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