Wednesday, July 8, 2015

RC RX-7's Day and Rotary Matsuri

7's Day Celebrates the RX-7  but also gathers Rotary fans.Get Ready!

RX-7 FD3s, FC3s, SA22.

RX-8 SE3p

Older Rotaries also eligible. RX-3 Etc

The FD3s has been a part of D1 competition for the last 15 years or more. The FC3s is still a viable low cost entry level drifting.

Mad Mike's FD3s is legendary. So lets get em all out to play.

All day Drift Session 28th June 2015 . 11am to 4pm.

RC RX-7's Day and Rotary Matsuri Schedule

11:00am Registration and Chassis Setup Session.

Open Drift

12:00pm Midday - Body Shell Contest
                              Body Showoff Voting
                              Body Contest awards

Open Drift 

1:00pm Rolling Photograph Session (classics only).

Open Drift

2:00pm - Twin Drift shoot out.

             2 person team entry.

             RWD twin drift or
             CS twin drift, both OK.
             Mixed twin drift OK (if you want to make it difficult for yourself.)
             Twin drift Awards

2:30pm Open Slide until close.

CS... HDPE Tyres only.

RWD... Non marking tyres only.
Typical setting... Front MST FRF hard
MST CSR Red Dot OR Wrap Up Next X3 recommended.

See you there.

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