Friday, July 24, 2015

RE-Xtreme M-SA22c RX-7

The SA22c Mini Widebody is done.

200mm Wide. Wheelbase is 215mm

As always LOW... resting on the shock towers.

I think you can see how wide it's become. 2 bodies cur to become 1 and spaces filled. + 12 offset... I might need to add the wide sus arms again.

Now... it's not the prettiest machine... Just for FUN!

I need a smoke machine out the back of this one.

Small is ok sometimes. Active Hobby A210s bodyshell on the Yokomo RF Concept Dori Pake converted to CS 3.4

no problem of low air pressure exit behind the wheels.

Ready for Seven's Day.

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  1. May i know what bodyshell was that ? It's really cool and pretty.


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