Wednesday, July 1, 2015

GCRC Midweek

Colour and frame filling action.

And some FD3s RX7 Action...

Slash and burn.

 This is midweek at GCRC.

Play time to relieve the stress.

But sometimes you need to concentrate.

Especially when door to door.

to door to door.

to door to door

And more more more

And more more more




Seven's day is going to be awesome.

Remembering back to march,

The Silvia's Went off. Then the 4 door's were awesome and the classics came out to play.

And finally the 86 day just past. I can't believe actually that the last 4 months have flown by.

We will have an RX7 and rotary day at GCRC soon, then there might be some craziness for the latter half of the year, With some bigger events on offer.

Whatever you drive, I'm sure we will find a place for you.

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