Friday, December 23, 2016

AE86 Shakedown on track!

AE86 debut... just as awesome as expected.
Street tuned image is perfect.

turn up Volume!

Small angle has the 86 looking just like it should.

10-30degrees max angle is all I need.

200hp max image means a fair bit of straightish running.

difference in panels adds to the flavour

change the front and rear bumpers for D1 image.

With my FR-D only running a 17.5T with 18/36+18/36 twin reduction gear set. Wheel speed is slow and right on the money.

It's easy to get in tune with the scale feel.

This is a complete contrast to the 1000hp RE-86 quad-rotor turbo.

DRB-REW cranking angle anytime just like 1000hp should.

So the FR-86 Project is go. Low power front motor and rear drive style is unmistakable. 

The inner guards need some work.

you can see the kind of clearances in play even with large offset and bigger over fenders

This angle is marginal... actually it's the trailing wheel touching...on the front section of the inner guard.

I need a sledge hammer (melt action)

Over all... 100% satisfied that I'm on the right track. Love my new FR-D and AE86

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