Tuesday, December 27, 2016


This event was the End of Year bash, Focusing on group drift.

 I bought a few extra members.

But all regulars were in play.

Eight Six Style

Boss Style.

Mixing it up.

Dagul Doripak on track.

Getting used to the surface.

CS and RWD

OLD and New HACHI style.

Chassis don't stay ion stock form for long at GCRCD 

Hand made or full custom options.

Overdosed or under dosed.

We ran out of time for the A~Bo~Moon Skyline Showoff. With about 6 or seven on track it was still a good turnout. 

I tried to teach some new techniques, but not everyone has grasped them.

I want to run this event again with a strict schedule and a more divided small group drift teams.

Trying new things with a large train didn't work so well. 

There are three main types that people run. Let's call them...

1. Low Angle / High Speed / Big Entry.
2. Constant Speed / Constant Angle / Linking
3. High Power / Slow Speed / High Angle.

They don't mix very well at all.  But everyone needs elements all of these styles when running in a train.

Ith main thing with any of these styles is constant proximity.

Tsuiso Tandems can really close the gap.

and get on the door. 

But this kind of gap is good for training.

No further than the bumper for group drift. 

in 2017...

I'm separating my setups into three distinct vehicles.

The AE86 team which will have a shallow angle in their own low turn 17.5T engine style. 
The R32 team which I hope we can target constant linked corner running.


The GCRCD S13s which members can use to refine a group drift style with higher power and higher skill.
Bring it on.

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