Sunday, December 11, 2016

Yeah Racing - Hack Gear Servo for Drift

Yeah Racing Hack Gear Drift Spec Servo

Yeah Racing has supplied us with a couple of items for review. This one is their YE-0022 Low Profile  Digital Core-less Servo

Alloy Section makes an attractive highlight and the black wire is always a good addition. 

Solid internals and decent speed at 0.08s/60.

With 4WD Drift, I used to chase the absolute fastest servo possible and even then, use my hand to move that servo as fast as possible physically. Such was the unrealistic nature of 4WD... lock to lock in a fraction of a second.  

To date with RWD. I have a lot of servo's and I have never ever ever ever ever needed to use their maximum speed.

Modern gyro's and electronics allow us to use only as much as we need with the gyro acting as our steering rack. I drop "speed" and limit Dual / Rate to slow servo speed and travel as necessary.  

What you do need however, is smooth gradual application with graduated small adjustments. With the Geometry of this front servo setup the travel required to reach 80degree lock is about 7mm each side,  so breaking down such a small movement into gradual increments is very important.

First impressions with this current setting show a silky smooth application with my M12S on NOR mode.

The SSR mode Sanwa Servo's are somewhat twitchy which can be unnecessary, whereas these are less so. I look forward to trying it out on track.

Sometimes,  the value option can be just as good.

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