Monday, December 26, 2016

GCRCD .RSG. 2017 Sliders Livery Part #1

In 2017, the Gold Coast RC Drift Sliders will be rocking this .RSG. Design Livery.

It's a long process, so lets get started.

D-Like S13

Pandora Inner Set for S13

D Magic Light Bucket for Silvia

RC-Art Bonnet Vent

RC-Art Canard Set

Mark X Wing and Mirror Set

Driftline Rear Wing Stay

SRP Door Handles

Resonant Simple Graphics ( .RSG. ) Design Mask and sticker.   

Mask and Sticker Set.

Font bumper cut... the front section under the grille will be cut after paint for better fit.  

I won't be running lights so this will all be removed.

Mask cut for Colour Highlight

Also for banner.

Hole removed for the RC-Art Bonnet vent

Aligning the first piece takes time. 

Fuel cap area always requires some freehand correction. Vinyl only stretches so far.

Front shapes aligned from reference pics.

But I also corrected the line front the bottom mask to better follow the upper bumper mask..

Good to trim as needed for better vision when applying.

From the reference pic... I'm about 3mm too far back. hehe.. Don;t care.

I took an executive decision to not add the extra mask on top of other vinyl.

Instead I freehand cut the colour mask for the highlight... this is because I want to add that colour last to prevent bleed.

Also trace the edges with a sharp scalpel blade.

Follow the sharma... get the good karma

This is painted but you get the idea of how the mask is required.

Colour started as a dusting of bright silver.

then cover with gun metal.

then wait..... to dry..... then remove the White mask. then paint black. 

You should end up with this as a base for everyone. as the base colour is backed in black... we can now go to town on the highlight colours...

Stay tuned for part #2


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