Sunday, December 11, 2016

DRB-REW - Front servo

The DRB-REW-FS is basically the development end point for the DRB-REW. 

For quite a while I've been playing with the wiper extensions and positions on the REW.

The Wrap Up Next front end GX knuckles and VX upper and Lower arms worked well on many of the chassis I set up for others.  

This particular chassis has always had left over 4WD components and I was 95% happy, But I need 100%

So I finally found some FR-D Version 2 wipers that make this conversion to Front Servo Easy.  The way that ackerman works frees the adjustment from through bulkhead to the normal DP method.

The Blue Chassis with Yokomo Wipers needed modification. So the FR-D version simply needs a little hardware. SP mounting position was always part of the DRB-REW chassis.

From underneath... the install looks like this.

initial install... not quite there.

So I extended the wipers with my extensions and this stopped the locking at full sweep. Setup is very similar feel to the Blue Yokomo Long wipers that I love to use.

So after playing with settings, I have exactly what I'm after. A direct mirror of my current benchmark setting. 

With a good deal of realism from the awesome MST knuckles and accessories.

Space in the chassis will be used for added realism with the 2017 GCRCD Sliders S13.

I've definitely fine tuned these machines. Until recently they each had their strengths. So with weight balance so important, I'm finding the balance I like and I'm looking forward to raising the level again.

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