Tuesday, December 20, 2016

GCRCD Prevent

The tree is lit, the crew is ready. Friday Night is [J-Dantai-X] Group Event. Time for last minute practice.

Exiting the touge, we get a short boost on a slightly different surface.

But that means you can be aggressive through the next corner.

I recently read an article in a Japanese RC Drift Magazine that was teaching the Aggressive line.

but  "Be Aggressive" are not two words you need to mention at GCRCD.

By far the opposite needs shouting. "Be Smooth and Consistent!" 

Both styles bring the grins. Tonight While holding the camera I threw out the challenge. 

Fomula D allows one front wheel on course. That means 1/3 of the car can be....  "Smoking the grass"

I tried to design GCRCD to have a bit of a worn road edge feel. With the RWD cars, they can ride these edges without change in grip level and stay on line. 

Some take the extreme. Judges can call this one.

on the other side of this corner, you can run wide and test your luck.

Get it on the wall.

But we don't forget tandem action.

Did I mention that aggressive style.

The night went quickly with a couple of hours of non-stop side by side.


This one is a dirty girl with a big pipe.

DRB-REW front servo twins. driving with very similar performance. 

 S13 Bunny

 Debut in style

ABC addiction

Runs in the family.

I feel the need. Redman Jr. took over the camera after an awesome reverse session.

Triple drift.

With switch and swap.

Recently it doesn't matter who is in front and who is behind. Our black belt drift master skill sets are pretty much ready for assessment.

2016 has been a massive year for Gold Coast RC Drift. Starting out with a massive venue taught us to be less precise. The move to a smaller venue really forced us to concentrate on extracting the best from our setups.

So at the final event for 2016 ... Who will be the BOSS?

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