Tuesday, December 27, 2016

GCRCD .RSG. 2017 Sliders Livery Part #2

Part 2 of the operation, completes the basic body painting of the D-Like S13. Addition of Basic Sticker Set also improves the image.

For my Shell, some gold glitter and gold backing was selected. There is some purple gold tint, but you can't tell. 

Free hand masking in the highlight section gives people some flexibility here.

The highlights for individual shells, will suit the individual personalities.Installed RC-Art Bonnet scoop is a great addition.

As usual, vinyl cutting is a hit and miss affair, the thickness of the vinyl and the sharpness and size of the lettering is challenge. But a slow pace allows for accuracy.

Very happy with my glitter work.

Still heaps to do. You can just see the rear bumperless kit sitting under the body.

 Front inner guards and bumperless versions will be individual choice along with sunroof and other options.

Interior Door Panels

Light Buckets

Front frame,
Inner fender frames
Oil Cooler
Bumper frame

Wing Stay

any more?

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