Saturday, December 17, 2016

GCRCD Practice Day and Night

GCRCD... J-DANTAI-X is coming. So get your practice in.

with the Group feel in this upcoming event next friday night, the boys were getting ready. 

The guys even had some drone chase action.

these are amazing things. Self levelling flight characteristis, Just like a car.

Speedline CR-1 are recommended tyres.

GCRCD is still a control tyre environment. 

4WD (front and rear tyre) and RWD (Rear Drive tyre)
Speedline CR-1 
Top line Sports Edition (TDT-002PE) 
RC-ART Derive RT-01SH (ART5006)

In order to preserve the track surface, constant speed and equality ... No other tyre should be used.

If your chassis is not usable on these tyres.

It's NOT THE TYRES that are the issue.

Most likely you have too much wheel spin from too much power.  There will be some tuning required.

In a real car, you only need a slightly more that breaking traction to get drift.

You definitely don't need 10000 RPM more (AT THE WHEELS) to drift.  

match you car to surface.

And you will love the results.

Highlights are cool. 

 This picture is a classic example of just enough wheelspin. Rear wheel is not totally blurred.

EPA reduced from 100% to 65% is a test method to result in a manageable wheel speed. After this you may change gearing and or motor to achieve the same result at 100%. 

Many things to think about in RC.

DRB-REW with practice shell. 

Drifline also joining the evening practice session.

There are many sections to practice.

The touge section starts with some elevation change.

to get the best results, you need to be deep.

You can practice build speed on a race line.

And practice the big entries.

you can try some curb riding.

and focus on line.

on your own, in tandem or .... GROUPS!

Some really good runs today and tonight.

A~Bo~Moon shells looking good.

some tight action.

And very tight action.

 We also tried some darkness.

just as tight.

Lights on as the sun went down.

But soon it was getting too dark.

so I will have to install some street lights. 

I know they are somewhere.

Shine on GCRCD

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