Thursday, December 22, 2016

FR-86 Project Shakedown.

 2017 is shaping up. a couple of special machines are in the body worx for the start of the year.

The AE86 Project came from a few things...

One was the Japanese obsession with the 86. There's a bit of a movement to have these slower grass roots machines on track in 2017. My FR-D with 17.5T under geared and just-powered should end up with it's own hachi thrash-able style.

The second was to complement my high spec RE-86 which I still love after 3 full smash years and join friends with ol'ish school machines.

Yeah Baby!

details are just enough to be fun and somewhat realistic.

The yellow bumper is one variation.... It was designed like this to resemble the early days of D1 circa 2001.

But heading back to street tune is not far away.

I'm pretty sure I'll need to melt some polycarb to get full lock... but worth testing to see where it scrapes.

Magnets do the job for attachments

There are some things that I can spend the next few months completing...

The last one will be large sliders logos. Hachi Rock ON!

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