Thursday, December 15, 2016

FR-86 Project Update

More hours invested... But it's a slow pace... Just like a Hachi.

I had to remove the Scale Dynamics Watanabe wheels because they are a Stupid 2 piece design that need to be glued together.

So these were a temporary option.  

Super glue in place but I'm sure they wont last.

Then... test fitting the fenders. These will receive magnets.

Pins in place.

"I've been waiting to drive this thing for ages!!!" 

Now I've got a TRD steering wheel and a nice gold gear stick, flocked dash.

Fenderless and bumperless. Adding WIN'S 86 Festival Sticker.

Bumper on style. Along with initial D and a few others.

Trueno stickers and some rear window additions.Exhaust poke! and Front Fender offset as desired..

I'm still to mount the body so the wheelbase sometimes is a bit off.

But I'm so close... I am getting keen keen keen.

Ive started to finish up some detail pieces on the J-Style Tribute 86 FR-D.

Although lots to do... I can see the light. for a New Year or Birthday 6/1 Debut.

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