Wednesday, December 7, 2016

GCRCD - RWD Chassis Mix

Hey what chassis is that?

While most of these start as plastic entry level chassis, once the tuning bug takes over... they become barely recognizable.

Even this Plasic YD-2 looks stock? Wrong. Shocks, toe blocks, droop, weight balance, tyre choices, etc are just the start.

Then you can go this way... VX Dock, Toe Blocks, Shocks, rear biased ESC made a big difference in this position.

Or this way... Start with plus, then Heavy Osoi Chassis, High motor mount, Full heavy Alloy Yokomo front and rear end upgrades, Rear battery, Shocks & Springs, Screws, 

The YD-2 has been out for a short time, but has already become a fully modifiable machine.

For modification choices though you can't beat the DP. When I say FULL OD, this one has the 20+ Logo additions. 

Yokomo OD DPM... Another on the FULL OD scale.

My Own DRB-REW sits somewhere in the middle building on the DP option list and the DRB option list.

MST fans also well taken care of. Full inboard front suspension

OsoI FXX chassis and full colour upgrades.

 You can match this to Full Option RMX with high mount motor and more bling than logically warranted.

And then theres the Driftline SPLs that are unique. With electronics and bodies, these few represent about 20 Grand of awesome RC Driftness.

And they are not shelf queens. 

maintained and abused. thrashed and repaired.

This l;ittle photo session was a few minutes of mashup Under Over / inside outside overtakers delight.

So you will see a different lead car in almost every shot.

And some very different lines.

From near straight line accelleration for speed!

Or Slash out Sliding... Let people know what's happening and the level and interest remains. long hours. Skill up.

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