Sunday, December 18, 2016

FR-86 Project Checkpoint 86%

It's time to get a handle on what is remaining for the FR-D and the 86 Trueno. 

The concept seemed simple...

And started out 2 months ago. 

There's over 100 hours invested so far but the results are spectacular. 

I've not had any pressure to complete in any timeframe.

The key to this build is flexibility. It has mixed personalities. It's a mix of street and '02 D1 style. I'll also be able to run Front or rear bumperless, Fender less, Bonnet less , lights up or down. It wont get boring.

In D1 mode the sponsors will be seen. Meshed front bumper totally changes the look. 

And when the rear is exposed  it looks even tougher. I had a HPI 86 rear wing, but it was just a little too wide. So I mounted it GT Style and doesn't look out of place at all.

Job List.

Body Cut Check!
Body Paint Check!
Bumper Paint x 2 Check!
Inner set paint Check!

Cage - JD Products.( Thanks for the cage!) Check!

Bonnet - Install RC-ART Scoop. Check!
Bonnet - Modify Scoop for Louvres. Check
Rear under tray and fuel tank Check!
Rear Fuel Cap- Open Check!
Rear Fuel Cap- Install Check!
Rear Light Buckets - Check!
Rear Bumper Mounts x 2.Check!
Rear Bumper Magnets x 2.Check!
Rear Bumper Alignment.Check!

Front Frame - Front section Check!
Front Frame - Left & Right Frame Check!
Front Frame - EngineBay Check!
Engine Paint - Check!
Radiator - Install - Check!
Oil Cooler - install - Check!
Hoses and engine details - Check!
Engine Detail Wiring-  Check!
Engine Stickers - Check!

Install Frame to Doors - Check!
Front Fenders - Remove - Check!
Front Fenders - Magnets and Position.- Check!
Front Light Covers - Remove - Check!
Light Assembly - Check!
Front Frame Bumper supports - Check!

SRP Door handles -- Check!
Interior Panels - Check!
Cage - JD Products Install. - Check!
Dash - Flock - Check!
Dash - Install - Check!
Steering Wheel - Check!
Gear Shift - Check!
Interior Decoration - Check!
Front Lights - Mount - Check!
Front Lights - Popup Mechanism (manual adjust)- Check!
Front Bumper Magnets x 2.- Check!
Rear Wing- Check!
Exhaust- Check!

Custom Stickers Check!

Body Mount. - 1/2

86% complete...


Body Mount. - 1/2 

Bonnet - Remove
Bonnet Position rear elevation spacer.
Bonnet - Magnets

Interior Mirror

Stickers, Stickers, Stickers

So with the driving journey just beginning...

Which style will be first to debut?

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