Friday, March 31, 2017

GCRCD Fools Drift

April is here. RE-take the street.

Street tune JZX

 + FD3s Style

Merging together.

Skyline R33 cruising

for some action

 And action we shall find...

Bro's on Fire.

But there was also some of this...

A few pics before I switch to the team S13.

Enjoying the FD looking like an FD again while I trial my Roll Centre Setups..

You can't very often see the subtle flip colour gold on this side. 

in bright light it simply disappears. 

But they are there.

The Silver side is even harder to capture.

Silver green flip is super subtle.

Regulars will question the location for this photo. Hmm?

Today we were playing with the original plan for the street circuit.

From a slow corner, we needed to manji up through this short straight. 

 But coming the other direction needed a straighter approach was needed for the "T" inrtersection

Square corners are a real challenge.

A definitely different challenge, but super rewarding. 

While only temporary, It's an option we can introduce to change things up. Also trialed some p-tile which was surprisingly similar in grip level.

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