Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wheel Selection Imperfection

Here's a little dilemma I have. I have a lot (upwards of 20 sets) of rims and tyres amassed over time.

These T&E Advan RS-D were purchased for this FD Porsche RWB body, But they weren't quite wide enough at +6mm. This Yokomo body is actually quite wide.

So they sit around unused, but still super cool!

So, I went and bought these AWESOME Racing Sparco NT style rims from Street Jam. The ONLY reason I'm not using them is that the centre hub area is too small for the wheel nuts. WTF!!! BE WARNED.

I'll have to machine them somehow.

So they too sit around unused, but still super super cool!

These will not be used on this body.

I recently bought some Panasport rims for another project and they look ok but somehow not quite right. Thank god because I don't need these on my list for this body. These rims are a bit too old school... if that gives you a clue...

So there you have three sets of rims that are unused and taking up space in my box.

Awesome Sparcos +8.5

Panasport G7 +10

and Advan RS-D +6

Maybe oneday they'll turn a tread.

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