Wednesday, October 12, 2011

RWB - 34 Progress

 Almost there...

Today was a productive day. Last sand and prep for paint.

The undercoat looked pretty good. I considered leaving it black.

But I proceeded to add colour to the base. Wing and mirrors, not yet fitted

I had already made the photo realistic decals for the rear.

And for the front. but figuring out how to finish them is a bit hard. It really needs small buckets behind the second layer of lights. I'll figure it out. (remember I'm building two of these)

I might position them a bit closer behind the lens too. I still need the rubber / black front deflector and the mesh behind. Those details are the easy ones.

Fenders are fat! Front is now 197 and rear is 220mm!!!!!! Remember most stock bodies are 190mm.

I've made a lower setting for the wing too. It can be higher or this high with a more aggressive angle.

The cutout in the engine cover is real. The rear has an engine in there and the driver inside features some really nice touches, but I wont feature it all until it is all done now. Maybe next week I'll go to Oi and get some pics with the new owner.

There's some small things I'd fix if I had another year, but I've spent about many many hours on this one so it's time up.

To do list. (for me)

Rear wing sticker
Rear wing vent paint
Mirrors install and chrome inserts
Interior steering boss then secure.
Front light buckets
Front air dam
Front mesh

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