Tuesday, October 18, 2011

D-Like RE-R + FCD conversion conversion

 Oops Dirty....

Clean... This is an ARD CER rear Solid Axle. I probably didn't need this as I only really needed the pulley, but may as well keep things blue. There is a problem with this though. the belt guide on the rear gear is two piece. I don't know how to attach the guide. The belt hasn't fallen off... yet. next time I'll ask. If I have to glue it, that's just BAD design.

Anyway, the rear 36T is matched to a 20T centre.

This equates to around 1.48 bias to the rear and allows me to keep the normal belt, for the 20T, I got this Blade 20T gear. Silver sold out.

The full counter rear wheel drive bias is good.

Up front I am using the perfect Yokomo one way axle in blue too. Now this is a nice part.

So after that I did some testing with hard tyres and soft tyres. The countersteer is there but the grip isn't really at the moment. Maybe my surface. The slides are great and balanced. It's not as rough as my MR-4TC shaft setup and driving straight is easy now, but I'm still finding quick change of direction hard to catch. I know that's practice though.

On full charge the engine provides a bit too much traction loss, although at 1/2 charge I was really getting the feel for it. I'll be keeping it like this for the foreseeable future. I may invest in silver pulleys at some point, but its working very smoothly and I am happy.

I'll be doing some more practice soon. Maybe a video to come. I;m not sure what the 1.8 FCD would be like whether it may help with a bit more rear traction, but it seems pretty good for now.

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