Tuesday, October 4, 2011

RE-R Build

Well, I'm a little disappointed with the RE-R conversion.

Basically for what isn't in the box. Just a couple of small things could have been recommended. You buy these boxes with little idea whats involved, So I'm on a steep learning curve.

 The conversion requires Yokomo Solid axles (not included) so I had to get some before proceeding on the main build but now I've swapped the suspension over. I'm a little happier.

It looks amazing.

I didn't check, because every RE-R on their website is FCD, but the original is not. The FCD gear set is 7000 yen so this puts me into the territory of simply buying a whole new chassis.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=pdSxM0oAu20 This video is 40/14 & 20/32 for a rear bias but thats a long time ago.

these days two are available 1.5 is 20/32  1.7 is 20/36 which is best... 1.5 do it!

I could have got a whole new car like a DRB for just a liitle more.

It's strange building something like this. The new parts are there but it's strange merging the clean and dirty.

Now I'm looking at the allow Yokomo toe and suspension mounts for $40 and a few other things which will almost bring the chassis up to $400 + I'm in need of a brush-less motor and amp $170... Later

And I'll want to run a new pinion and sprocket so that's another expense. $20

I should have just bought a Yokomo DRB and been done with it then sold the old chassis, which I now can't do.  So the advice is to get a CE-R or GR-X or Kazama. Something you can contact me about in the near future.

Anyway, if it does work out to drive well. I'll be well happy, but broke.

So I don't recommend going this route.... YET...! We shall see. Once the new Keyence goes in.

It's starting to come together.

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