Tuesday, October 11, 2011

RE-R Test

Ok, so how does it go mate?!

Good points.

Keyence Motor and set. Great! Very smooth and operates over a wide power range meaning you can be subtle with the throttle. I haven't played with the settings yet, but at the moment it's good. Motor didn't really get hot during my short session racing small children on the sidewalk.

It's faster than a 5 year old boy! not off the line though. Drift tyres can't keep up with human traction. HAHA!

As expected the car operates like a normal Yokomo drift car. Kind of.
Balance is good and I can see this being very good at change of direction. Drifting to left or right operates the same rather than the one side good, one side bad Drift Package experience.

Bad points.

There is more time spent with the steering in the neutral position rather than on any kind of angle. Initiate and wait seems to be the order of the day. Braking does nothing to keep the slide going as the front wheels are connected to all drive wheels and apportioned 25% each.  Like drifting a 4wd lancer EVO with a welded diff at both ends. just floor it, break traction then try to control it.

Loads of under-steer and no real drift style. In fact without the ball diff at either end, traction is probably worse than normal dori pake

But this is normal RC style. Lot's of on off throttle. It shouldn't be like this.

So the order will be a 1.5x FCD set and a one way something. I have two options, a one way centre pulley or a one way front axle from the ARD CE-R which is the similar chassis.

Head theory suggests the one way pulley will place less stress on components and be the faster and cheaper option. The second option requires replacing both pulleys. Probably look better.

It's all crazy!


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