Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Max One - Tokyo

 My friend and I headed down to Max One Tokyo Bay tonight to check out the new location. Awesome Fun!

I took my RWB FDorsche Kingyo's Affair. I updated the front with led in the vents and hooked up the headlights to the 3rd channel It looked awesome sliding around.

In my excitement, I always forget to take pics first and smash later, so the front splitter took the brunt of the action. I was learning the track, it was my first time with the RE-R chassis, first time on carpet and first time with Keyence brushless setup.  But I was getting the hang of it. I am really happy with the setup. A lot better in a real setting with target lines to hit and guys to compare against.

Another few thousand laps and I'll be confident enough to drift in tandem with the other local guys who were very very  good!

I was using the rented tyres but I'll be buying my own carpet tyres for this place.

The top section of the MAX one layout is unused. Unfortunately too narrow for any sliding, but great for shots.

I'll definitely be back.

Ps. Stay tuned for a few posts from the Drift Master Dino on Speed hunters. His drift hack chaser is wearing th RWB drift spec wheels. Background is another teaser.


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