Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Street Jam Keyence Brushless

How Freeeeeeking cool is this!

I say very! Read the box. That's what it is. All my research led me towards Keyence. Japan's top brushless manufacturer and when I saw the is set in the exact spec I was after, it became cooler!

Now this has multiple brake settings and throttle initiations and all the good stuff.

But out of the box you will notice something strange. Now, high end products I understand are for people with a soldering iron and so forth but this is half baked idea.

1. The sensor cable for the motor is short. Maybe 5 cm. But the motor leads are long. about 15cm. 3x longer. and when you connect the motor as well they are about 20cm. Now if you want the long ones then you would need to buy another sensor cable. Not good. And if you only need a short one then you have to cut the others. That just sucks. Now most people run these Kawada connectors. So why not just fit them if they are the best.

2. The other thing is the battery connector. NOT in BOX. So of course I had to buy one of these also. Cheap but the thing is. when you spend a considerable amount, you'd like the small options to be included.
Maybe three different cheap connectors. Again the cords are long and you are obviously going to cut them off, so why solder the ends? Sometimes I'd like to slap some people. I would have loved to be in the business meeting for that one.

So the ESC is good, but it will take a little while to get it all in the final positions and the motor wiring will also require some work.    

Now the motor, is all good. It's a great black paint and machined version. I was thinking of the grey one and then buy a blue 1/2 case, but the finish on this is great.

7.5T is equivalent to a modified 11T brushed motor, so it's strong.
for comparison
13.5T is equivalent to a stock 27T brushed motor.

Once I wire it up, it will be perfect.

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