Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Fair Lady

 I saw a photo from speed way pal featuring the ABC hobby Z and ....

Their new Semi Works over fenders and.

Their Panasport G7

I couldn't resist. (this has been changed to Black in PS) HOW ABOUT THIS

Body has almost everything you need. It's bumperless OTB so I can run it like that with some under bumper detail. Or with the big fat late 70's rubber bumpers.

Light boxes, but no lights. Coming soon.

I had to buy the fender mirrors. I guess thats OK, because not everyone needs them. But they are ON the box.

Anyway, here are a few colour designs. I DON't want a BRE style race car as that's been done.

I've chosen the gun metal G7 Panasport wheels now so it may have an effect on the colouring. I like the pale yellow although that would be hard to replicate.

Dark metallic blue or black and gun metal may be high on the choice list.   Paint will be simple so it shouldn't take long for this one.

Check the choices and give me some comments.

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