Wednesday, October 26, 2011

S130 Inspiration

 I have a few ideas now for the S130 build. After seeing this source pic. I'm happy I chose the Deep Dish steel wheels. While My fenders will be slightly bigger, I'll be going for the carbon / black and body colour combo.

I recently have a thing for sand colour cars like this 1/24 supra I made but I'd like to get more of a mustard look going.

The front bonnet and air dam, I'm undecided on at the moment, but If I do go that way, I like the idea of the small thin line on the raised section like the US 280ZX. Kind of a 20th anniversary tribute in Mustard not Gold. I'll also make a Whale tail type ZX Turbo Spoiler.

Then there's always the tough Grey. Hmmm. No shakotan candy paint here. Just low and tough.


  1. What kind of air dam is that?

    1. No Idea.

      I never got around to researching them.


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