Tuesday, October 18, 2011

RX-73 DRS-10

I found these new rims the other day an I knew they would match this car. The straight chrome lines are a perfect match for these 10 spoke wheels.

I chose +9 front and +12 rear but I could have done +12 all round.

But I like the tuck at the front and on full lock there's no drift issues.

I've still got the work wheels set up for this too, but If I'm feeling flashy, I can Bring the Bling.

These wheels are from Top Line. Drift Fighter [Jupiter] DRS-10 W Chrome Front Offset 9 Rear Offset 12

 Speaking of Bling , I installed the Yokomo active light kit back into this car, Bling Blip, Flash.

What a pain in the ass these are.

Wires everywhere. Lighting is never an elegant solution.

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