Wednesday, November 30, 2011

D-Like RE-R Setting @ Max One

This is the path from frustration to fun! Learning to drive @ 1.7 Counter Steer and new settings and a new wheel radio all at the same time. Yes it took some getting used to, but It was worth it.

I checked the setting with the F.Dorsche and then once it was dialed in I switched to debut the Surging 200mm Celica Supra XX... It is AWESOME!

I swapped the springs to give more rear grip on this track, super soft in the rear for here. It seemed to find a sweet spot for me. There's a little more adjustment in it. maybe some more neutral brake I can dial in, but for now I've got a consistent package I can really attack with.

This shot is AWESOME! It really shows the colors as intended.

I was getting a lot more angle right from the start with the 1.67 and over rotation was an issue, so I dialed in 10 degrees camber up front and a bit more rear grip with the super softs springs and it helped a lot.

The radio is awesome too. Smooth and direct. I can feel a small difference, but not so much. The telemetry is cool I guess, but a bit of a gimmick. I got up to 7500 RPM on the spur. The telemetry logger graph is interesting. On a big circuit you could use it to check gear ratios etc.  

But it's good to show people your blip blip throttle input.

Anyway, I put in about 2 hours on track and by the end I was getting into some great tandem action. I have really found the point where I can play with the big guns. I'm not so nervous than I'm going to slow people up. I'm trying to get side by side, run inside and keep a good line.

So what does it take. Patience, Help and Practice (and a little money).

Near the end of the session I put these new TE37 on for a change. The size really suits these older cars but I still love the Panasports on this car, the color is great.

So I am more than happy now. I'm ready to rock hard for a long time. Just a few more small things to go.


  1. Wow... The scenery on that track is wonderful, and the car is great! It looks like the car already find it's own turf to drift...

  2. Max one is small but it has a good vibe

  3. HI!!
    these photo are nice!!
    So tomorrow japanese RC car magazine will come to shoot
    about user's car from 18pm

    and many people will come to be photo shoot
    will be so fun

    If you hove time come to max-one!!


  4. Too bad I couldnt make it
    Sounds fun


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