Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hachi - Repair

Time to repair the AE86. I forgot to re-enforce the front of this body, so it took a beating. But thats cool. adds to the authenticity. sometimes painting on the outside is much better.

I tried the RWB interior and wheels on this morning also. It gives me an idea how this is going to look. I'm pretty happy so I'll go ahead and keep this colour.

However the main reason for this post is... The damage sustained last night needed to be addressed.

So I did dome bumper stitching. These are just the plastic bag ties with some excess removed. But the result is good.

The other side is wired together without the plastic coating. I'm liking this!!! A LOT.

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  1. I love those bumper stitches... Looks good too a must have for any drift car tackling dangerous corners...

    BTW, you did paint it on the outside right? What type of Paint did you use..?


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