Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The ZX Files - Episode 1

Ok, I started the ZX from ABC Hobby. Ive got some Speed Way Pal Semi-Works fenders and an old spoiler from a RX3.

There are soo many bumper parts in this kit, It almost makes me want to stop and just go bumperless. Which I may do anyway. I'm still yet to trim the original body, but the look is there.

I have no idea what colour to paint this. I keep debating Shakotan style or a single colour. I bought Camel Yellow. But I think it will be Orange like the 260 432. Wait and see.


  1. nice progress man :)
    I though the ABC zx was smaller wheelbase? 210mm or something like that? If it's actually 257, then I'm ordering one right now, lol :D
    Would be nice if you could confirm this for me, I'm very paranoid about buying "small m-chassis" bodies on accident...

    As a color, why not flat green like the RWB Ichiraku? But is's your choice and I'm excited what you gonna end up with.

  2. This is the s130 280zx
    Not the M chassis s30 260z

    The 280zx is long so it's kind of scale

    I got the speed wal pal fenders to pump it out more


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