Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Max-One Setting.

 I headed down to Max-One Tokyo for the after-noon to do some practice. I'm still getting the hang of this setup, so the FD-RWB-Porsche-RX7 whatever took some more beating. the splitter is just about gone now.  HAHA.

But I must say, this happened in the first 20 minutes as I reacquainted myself with the track. After that is was fun fun fun.

Some of the local guys inspected my car as the spur gear ( which was 1/2 destroyed on another FD I have from mounting it too low ) was making a groan from poor mesh. So they helped me out with a new one and suggested another size better suited to my car. It now gives a lot more punch and a lot more control.

I'm getting the hang of the RE-R and the track, but I've got a long way to go before I get the ten person drift chain happening without error. On a fresh battery, it's too twitchy I have to be careful, but after 5 minutes, I get into a zone where it's very easy to control for a long period, then it drops off.

Pretty happy.

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