Tuesday, November 29, 2011

D-Like RE-R - Under the hood! Part #3

Well... Today was early Xmas for me... I went to many shops in Akihabara to get a new controller and I found a 50% off this monster Sanwa MT-4 with receiver and telemetry sensors!

If you haven't heard about this new TOP LEVEL radio then go here. You will be amazed at the spec and functions.

I ended up paying little over $200 and that afforded me the latest  SRG-BL Brushless SSR Super Response High Torque Servo all for under $300

So now there are no excuses. I should be able to dial in the chassis and motor perfectly with the gear I have.

What brand is it Santa?

I'm unsure of the usefulness of the telemetry system yet, but I'm sure I can work out something.

Included are 1 temp and 1 rpm sensor.

Maybe someone could hook it up to measure angle rather that RPM... Interesting?

I'm stoked that I can get all this for the price... I had almost decided to get the MX11 but it's heavy and awkward.

Time shall tell. the manual is 50 pages.

Soon the install.

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