Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kazama D-Link II

 Took my beast up to Kazama's new indoor track. Wow! the large space makes everything more difficult.

Dino brought the Speed Hunter for some action. It looks awesome and stood up well to the punishment. we just have to get it on a decent chassis next... OTA ZEON!???

Sliding around, the Porsche is strange, but cool once you get used to it.

It's fat but makes quite the impression.

The track doesn't have elevation anymore, but the big flat area showed my insufficient setup on my car.

I really haven't spent the time yet. So luckily some very kind locals helped me with toe angle / ride height and other stuff. It really makes a difference. some new springs coming. Super soft front, medium rear.

BUT, the big issue was my Propo. It was out of range and getting interference. It's an entry spec unit, but didn't expect that. Kazama told me Yokomo 2.4 ghz systems had lots of claims. So guess what. It's getting the turf.

next week. Maybe Santa / Sanwa will come early.

I leaned a lot tonight so it was a great experience. These guys are so awesome. Above is an Overdose chassis DRB with every conceivable modification. heavy but getting my attention. Thanks for the help!

I'll end with a bit of shakotan dori.

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