Tuesday, November 29, 2011

D-Like RE-R - Under the hood! Part #1

Lets check the latest upgrades to my D-Like RE-R... under the hood. Part 1.

I feel I've been on a big learning curve with this D-Like RE-R chassis. Instead of the pinion spur / crown pinion sets, the belt ratings and CS% is hard to work out. And more so, finding a sweet spot that is more FR than 4WD is difficult.

Previously I had upgraded from the stock 40/14 14/40 50:50 setup to the 40/14 20/36. This was done to keep the stock belt set and as suck resulted in CS around 1.5 with the Yokomo one way front axle.

That setup was fine, but it was still a bit 4wd in nature (especially mid corner) and the stupid plastic rear gear had derailed a couple of times, so I decided to go close to what others are running and settle for the 14/40 20/32. The D-like rear pulley is a nice piece of kit, but is quite pricey.

But it had o be done.

I'm quite happy with the result so far. Here is the ARD rear axle and the Pulley before install.

the adjuster is underneath for battery clearance.

These 20T are quite popular so finding a matching set is proving a waiting game.

Next step Shocks.


  1. Hi, I am from Slovakia. I have the same chassis. I like your page. I found a lot of information.

  2. Hi Peter.

    RE-R was hard to setup,
    but now it's working well.

    If you have anything to share... let me know.



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