Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hachi - Max One - Introduction

I thought I'd start off this post with some coolness!

Max -one Tokyo is an awesome venue, but it is a bit hard on beginners, It took me a while to get the hang of it here. the small carpet layout is quite unforgiving, but my friend Allen was soon hooking up sections of the track.

My RE-R Drift Package Conversion received an "ECU TUNE" with the Keyence TAO interface. We tried a White Wolf with 10.5T and it was so easy to control. Sometimes having too much power is an issue.

My repainted AE86, was soon wearing some COOL battle scars. I'll need to stitch the front bumper in a couple of places. But that's even cooler.

When not driving, he took some shots of me on the line. My Canon X50 is only an entry level SLR, but it gets there in the end. Low light in Max one is difficult.

Here's a nice sequence... out line.


Flashing by...

Here's a great shot of me almost hitting the barrier.

They have a cool camera setup, that puts you on the big screen too. Makes you famous.

Here's two of my shots of Allen in action.

Hope you enjoyed... Part two I'll post my static shots.

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