Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dos Equis (XX)

Cutting out the Dos Equis - that's XX in Spanish. Anyway... the Miesters look great but.

These are the Wheels for this one. G7 Panasport. That freaking massive spur gear already has me wanting another chassis!!! Having to cut bodies like this so high is a sin. I like LOW! I've already damaged it on the FD and that's a high cut body also. This RE-R might get ditched pretty soon, ONLY for that reason. My OWN chassis will come soon too anyway. These wheels are 10.5 offset for this body at about 200mm. But it needs to be lower.

PS paint doesn't work on these carpet tyres very well at all. But the effect is cool!

Be careful with these... so easy to go too big.

I now have two sets ready for some carpet attack! I thought these wouldn't suit this body, but not too bad, so they may get a run on Kingyo's Affair.


  1. what spur gear are you running? I have an CER D11, which is basically the same chassis.. I run a 112T Spur with 32T pinion gear... and all my bodies sit super low and never had problems.
    Cant wait to see your self developed chassis though, always cool to see fresh ideas and concepts.

  2. I only have an 86T spur and the RE-R is really High. The motor is about 3mm up from the chassis just to make contact.

    AE86 no problem. FD rx7... nearly every one of them touches the window frame near the bonnet.
    And they are cut right down to the base plate incorporating that as a splitter.


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