Friday, May 3, 2013

DP-R Modify and Test II

Modified the test chassis a little and tried a bit more RWD.

Today I replaced the rear drive shafts for some spare overdose items and swapped to a spare set of shocks. I played with a mass of weight up front also. To slow things down. 

Now sometimes it behaves quite well, almost like my other cars.  Pretty fun! but sometimes it will get a bit wide in a slow state and just spin.  I need help and a bigger test arena.

I fitted an old aluminium re-inforcemnt around the rear plastic spool, but I broke the plastic rear spool, so I'll have to replace that. 1 wheel drive doesn't work! haha.

It's not all bad, I got a bit of testing in. 

My DRB has these black top lines and is looking awesome! I might cut out the windows on this one.

I think I'll keep this wheel combo for a while though.

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