Sunday, May 19, 2013

RE-Xtreme FD3s Spirit "R" - Update 4 - Fake Trimmings

I had this gun metal carbon lying around for quite a while. It was the perfect time to use it.

Front Splitter and Lip Spoiler, Bonnet and Rear Wing. I may cover the rear diffusser I have also.

Although the weave is quite large and definitely not scale. I like the effect.

This is 3M Dinoc vinyl and the quality adhesive should see it remain for a while.

Rotary Engine Australia.


  1. Simple yet effective. The shell came out great man.

  2. Tutorial on how you manage to get that bonnet carbon cut out to the perfect shape imo.

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  4. Masking tape on the bonnet.

    trim to shape.

    then lift off and stick it on the carbon sheet.


    then stick.


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