Friday, May 10, 2013

RE-Xtreme FD3s Spirit "R"

Prepare for a radical FD3s RX-7 with that true Mazda Spirit "R"

This is the body I am building for my Rear Wheel Drive Drift Package. The starting point is a Tamiya Rx-7.

The Tamiya kit comes with light buckets and raised headlight parts in the kit. I am just going to use the top section for the sleepy look. Inserts are 2/3rds of a Yokomo Supra light bucket for that Knight Sports quad light look.

I am also adding a front splitter cut from the left over front of the Tamiya body, Some canards left over from from the JZX  build and ...

The body is very narrow, so it needs some flared guards. I was planning to use a Stage D kit, but I've decided to go with Speed way pal fenders cut similarly to my previous 86.

I think it should give a cohesive and aggressive look. I have some leftover Yokomo front combination lamps in chrome also

I'll be using Craft Square style mirrors similar to these .. and I'll be venting the bonnet to dramatic effect.

I was going to paint this in a red black & white radical scheme. But I think I may go with Feed Grey in the Spirit R style.

if you don't know what it looks like... Check my RE-Xtreme features on Fujita Engineering.


  1. Why not go with widefenders from Secret Plans? They have them in styrene, but can also make a lexan version. Should give you room for at least +9mm offset wheels. I know, because they are based on my measurements :)

  2. I already have the SWP versions here and I'm low on funds. Hence the simplification.
    I'm using up a lot of parts I had laying around in this build so I'll probably make some more radical wing stays from alloy sheet that I have also as I want the wing a little further back.

    a simple set of side skirts in the build also

  3. Mr Russ please consider painting this fluo orange with black and backed up with white9like fast and furious)!)


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