Tuesday, May 28, 2013

RE-Xtreme FD3s Spirit "R" - Checkpoint - Day mode.

Exterior Complete.

The adjustable rear canards are fixed in place.  

Side Skirts and all body components are LOW!

Still undecided on the TE37/Prodrive Debate.

It's ready for light install, but I'm waiting on components.

HPI Intercooler in place, Some Brake ducts may replace these crappy light stickers. They're the weak link in the frontal area.

Overall... 9/10 the dash adds to the realism, but I haven't added door skins in this one yet, but I may need them to hide the LED wiring.


  1. For the lighting could you make a tutorial on how the LEDs wire up?

  2. How did you make the side skirts?

    1. I use the remaining Lexan from the moulded body.

      then cut it lower
      Cover with fake carbon and
      stick it back on with shoe goo.


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