Friday, May 17, 2013

RE-Xtreme FD3s Spirit "R" - Update 1 - Fenders and Gills

More work today on the Tamiya FD3s with the addition of the Speed Way Pal +10 fenders.

I positioned the flares and trimmed the fronts a little to match the curve of the fd. I found I needed to reposition the wheelbase about 2mm forward to get a good shape on the front.

next step is to trim away some of the original fenders for added wheel clearance. no different to a real car really.

I'll be able to really get this think low. I'm going to try and "roll" the lower side of the car like the real one.

 bonnet vents ready.

break down, wash and mask is done.

ready for paint. Metallic Gun Metal Grey should go on tomorrow. .. maybe.

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